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About JDHendustries 

JDHendustries, LLC stands as a premier multimedia production enterprise with a specialization in crafting exceptional virtual and hybrid events, dynamic live streaming, and cutting-edge eLearning development. Our core mission revolves around shaping transformative experiences within the realm of virtual and digital landscapes.


Founded in 2019 by the visionary Washington, DC-based Instructional Designer and Decatur, Georgia native, Jourdain D. Henderson, JDHendustries embarked on its journey with a primary focus on video capture and editing. However, our trajectory took a significant turn during the peak of the pandemic, as we extended our services to offer expert consultancy to individuals and organizations navigating the intricate world of virtual interactions. This evolution saw us orchestrating a multitude of successful virtual events.


Even in a world that is gradually transitioning back to an in-person-centric approach, our steadfast goal remains unchanged: to inject an added layer of accessibility into physical gatherings. Leveraging state-of-the-art camera technology for capturing poignant moments, industry-leading studio equipment for seamless livestreaming and post-production, and an arsenal of powerful tools, we craft deliverables that etch themselves into memory as timeless and remarkable experiences.


At JDHendustries, we take pride in our sprawling 1,000-square-foot studio space, meticulously designed to cater to creators seeking a premium recording environment. Our collaborative efforts extend to artists, content creators, educators, family and friend groups, small business owners, and forward-thinking organizations embracing remote-first or hybrid structures. Our versatile studio boasts multiple sets, including green screen options, suitable for filming talking head videos, podcasts, and live stream broadcasts.


A JDHendustries virtual event transcends the ordinary confines of a typical Zoom meeting. We are the theme park of virtual and hybrid events, where every experience unfolds as a captivating narrative, enveloping each participant in a thrilling journey. And when you leave our virtual park, you can even take home a memorable souvenir.


At the heart of our operation lies an unwavering commitment to quality. Every facet of our service is meticulously curated to ensure excellence, leaving an indelible footprint on every event we undertake.


We cordially invite you to explore our website, with particular attention to our Productions section, and to schedule a consultation for your forthcoming virtual or hybrid event. Join us as we redefine the future of digital engagement.

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