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The Founder


Hi! I'm Jourdain.  It all started when I was young always taking pictures for the family and creating slideshow presentations. From there producing the scrolling news channel in high school and later developing marketing and recruitment videos for my university.

My background is in special education and higher education administration, so developing media for a wide array of audiences is my specialty. 

Now my talents are put to use to create exciting a lasting memories for media viewers.  I embrace the virtual and hybrid environment through curated programming, engagement, and captivating story telling. 

I started JDHendustries to aide in flattening the curve during the height of the pandemic.  Assisting educators with their transition from in-person to virtual.  I helped organizations adjust to a new norm of conducting business remotely.  Essentially, my goal was to preserve the in-person experience as much as possible while creating a digitally enhanced virtual experience that kept everyone safe. 

Curating an experience is at the core of what I do.  It's transformative.

Whether it be in my former years teaching k12 special education, designing student engagement at the college level, or developing learning solutions for corporations I always strive to approach digital media with integrity, passion.  

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