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Okay, you probably thought

having a virtual wedding would be your cousin setting up a laptop right at the alter or you streaming from your unsteady phone.

It's understandable that you'd think that. However, the pandemic taught us many things about our technology combined with human creativity and innovation.  We're here to help you expand your frame. Saying "I do" Live opens up endless possibilities for a modernized and accessible wedding.


Our design goes beyond just a laptop and a mobile phone.  We transform your typical Zoom meeting or YouTube livestream into an experiential cinematic story. Something you would probably see on TV. We take filming your ceremony and special moments to the next level.  Our touch to wedding productions is detailed and sharp and it cannot be contained in just a highlight reel. 


We curate real-time experiences that are inclusive, engaging, most of all memorable. It is unthinkable for an upscale wedding to be live streamed guests feel like they were physically in attendance.  Our production specializes in captivating guests near and far. So, the unthinkable has been made a reality.


I do Live by JDHendustries, is a skilled team mixed with savvy coordination, creativity, and state-of-the-art equipment.  Our videographers, cinematographers, photographers, and producers work together to capture your story and engage your audience.  We deliver your wedding in a delicate, precise, and compelling way. 

Our formula allows us to produce curated content that ensures a balance between guests watching your wedding in real-time and engaging with specialized programming as if they were present at your wedding.

We welcome you to peruse our site to begin reimagining the visual production of your wedding. Be sure to watch our debut wedding livestream, The Union of Ashley & Jordan Robbins.


Again, welcome to I do LIVE by JDHendustries!

Reimagine Your Wedding.


Live streaming is an innovative way to share your wedding day with everyone that you love.  It can happen just about anywhere.  In a venue hall, church, at your home, outside under a tent, or even on your destination wedding.

We coordinate with your wedding planner to design the perfect sequence of events that fits the occasion and audience (in-person and virtual).  In addition, we design and deploy a guest website for pre-function formalities.

State-of-the-art equipment and technology powers us to transform your in-person experience into a dynamic virtual event.


Your guest can watch your live streamed wedding on selected platforms and from our customized app anywhere they get wifi. 

Give your guests a large, upscale feel in an intimate reality.


Tell your story.


We all have a story to share. This time it's your love story front and center. Our story designer crafts compelling narrative elements into a storyline to ground the production.

Months before the wedding, our producer will sit down with you and your partner for an interview on camera.


Part of your story is your family and friends, we integrate a video guestbook with clips submitted by your loved ones. 

Then our editors creates packages of your love story into captivating videos to be used for wedding announcements, invitations, website landing pages, video segments during the livestream, and post-wedding memory galleries.

You and you partner will receive a private screening of the videos before they are aired.




Screen Shot 2022-10-31 at 3.57.28 PM.png

Give a show.



Imagine the wedding party putting the final touches to their wardrobe.  Cocktail hour is happening and arriving guests are being greeted by the emcee. You're watching the live stream on your phone while having your make-up applied.


During this time your guests (in-person and virtual) are being entertained by the pre-recorded content our editors prepared, tailored engagement activities, and music by the DJ.

We integrate virtual gift tables, guestbooks, live entertainment, and other novelties. 



It's time for the ceremony. An announcement is made with an intro video and everyone takes their seats.  All camera feeds are good and the wedding party enters. 


The space is dynamically mic-ed to capture the sound of emotion in the physical space as you exchange your vows.



After the ceremony, known as the interlude, the wedding party goes for their photoshoot and the guests are being engaged by the emcee, DJ, and live entertainment.

Once the photoshoot concludes, the emcees conducts a brief sit-down interview with the you and your partner.  This is time to engage directly with your virtual guest and share your initial reactions to being married.  The in-person guests are watching on monitors throughout the event space.


Then, the entire wedding party is announced and enter the reception.  We pipe in any virtual guests that are selected to give a toast. 


From there the party gets underway.  Virtual guests are able to enjoy the celebration music by the DJ through the end of the event.

Your Forever.


Cinematic moments and fairytale endings aren't just for movies made in Hollywood.  They're made at your wedding, too.


Our cinematographer captures behind the scenes moments before the wedding, the actual ceremony, post-ceremony photoshoot, and priceless candids at reception.

We prepare all of your videos and the recorded livestream into episodes like what you would watch on Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming platforms.  This way you and your partner can experience what your virtual guest did and cherish every moment forever.


Our vintage juke joint home hybrid wedding was everything we could dream of and more! 


Please share, like, comment, and talk about it, not only to spread images of Black Love and showcase the amazing talent of these Black owned businesses, but to let others see that a hybrid/virtual event can be an upscale production! Consider it for your next occasion! And book I do LIVE by JDHendustries."

Ashley G. Robbins, 2022 Bride

Time to plan...

Ready to begin planning your hybrid virtual wedding? 

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