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Exhibitor Pricing

Virtual Booth


  • Private virtual booth

  • Access to prep workshop + materials

  • Exhibitor directory profile

Virtual Booth + Ad Submission


  • Includes private virtual booth, workshop, and directory profile

  • Ad to air 2x-3x

  • Ad used in pre & post event ads


Ad guidelines

Ad Only


  • Ad to air 1x-2x during show 

  • Company name listed on affiliates page

Ad guidelines

Some Questions

What is a Virtual Booth? Think of a virtual booth just like the booth you would setup in-person at a trade show. Instead, you're setting up your booth in your studio, your home, your store-front, or your warehouse - anywhere you have power and an internet connection. You get to create a personalized experience to showcase your products and services. You can have a presentation, videos, a live view of your workspace or a moc setup. You can play games with guests while you talk about your company. You can even have additional staff login to have 1:1 consultations with vistitors in your virtual booth. When you get a chance, take a look at the 60-second explanation video to gain insight about Zoom Expo.

What kind of exhibitors are we looking for? All that you can think of! We are looking for creatives in every corner of the wedding spectrum. We want to exhibit companies that provides couples top tier experiences in every phase of their wedding journey. From styling to entertainment, and planning to honeymoon, and catering to decorations, and marriage counseling to inatamcy coaching, and so forth. You get the picture! Hopefully... If not, let us know!

The benefit of my booth? There are many! First, it saves you logistical expense and the exhbitor fee is truly a deal. Your audience reach is expanded through an accessible and a commonly used platform. Your company's brand is broadcasted to markets across timezones - talk about scaling up! Do it! We can't forget to mention it's providinng your company with a new tool and training to make your online presence more dynamic, robust, and most of all cost efficient.

How do I do this? We were pretty sure that question would come up! Don't worry, we offer registered exhibitors, user-friendly, virtual expo workshops to prepare for the day of exhibition. We provide materials that includes templates and guides on getting your virtual booth ready to go. We'll also have a demo day where all exhibitors will login for a test check days before the event.

Whats happening while guests are in my booth? Great question! In the main room, a live show highlighting all of the elements of wedding planning and marriage. Our dedicated host will conduct panels on hot marriage topics with guest contributors, MC a fashion show, judge a DJ battle, and present the entertainment for the event. In addition, we'll be incorporating submitted ads into the show along with engaging games. In terms of what's happening in your booth, we provide guidance on how to setup up your virtual booth, however, what you want to showcase is your to your discretion.

What's the pricing breakdown? We offer three levels of exhibition. First, is a virtual booth only where you will be assigned a private booth and only be featured on our exhibitors page. The next level, drops in price with the submission of a video advertisement to be included in pre/post-event marketing. Lastly, for exhibitors that are not able to join the expo live, you can submit a 60-second video ad to be included in the show and pre-event marketing. Refer to the Exhibitor Pricing table for package comparisons. For sponsorship level partnerships please see the sponsorship opportunities section below.

I'm like almost in, what's the process? Understandable, after you make an initial initial intrest by completing the registration form, a representative from the production team will reach out to answer any questions you may have. After you've selected your exhbitors level and remit payment, you will receive a link to create an account in the exhbitors portal to access documents, resources, and to register for workshops.

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