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Coming April 2023!


You've been to the trade shows with over hundreds, maybe thousands, of booths. You paid for gas, parking, maybe an entry fee, and lunch cause you gotta eat.  Also in hand, is your checklist of everything you need to decide on for your wedding.  That sheet of paper maybe empty because you don't know where to start. We are here to ease your wallet, soothe the stress, and guide you.  Meet with various wedding experts and industry creatives from the comfort of your home.  The Virtual Bridal & Wedding Expo is designed to connect couples to vendors in an engaging, accessible, and sustainable way. 



Every guest gets a front-row seat to a curated experience that highlights newlywed stories, trending topics, and professionals in the wedding industry.  Guests can connect with other couples in a safe space to inspire their wedding planning.  Exhibitors create and host unique spaces to share their skills, services, and products with couples planning their wedding.


This event aims to create a space that people can join regardless of location or physical ability.  The virtual expo allows professionals, in particular, new businesses to get more personal with their showcasing.

In every aspect of our lives we can find ways to be kind to our wallets and our earth.  This event is our way of providing a sustainable event option that saves costs for guests, exhibitors, sponsors, and the production team. Secondly, it helps reduce the carbon footprint print on earth.  Furthermore, the sustainability of this event comes from robust and on-going partnerships with wedding industry professionals.

Who is the virtual bridal and wedding expo for? This event is designed just for you! But to specifically put it, we are offering this event for couples planning their wedding, wedding industry professionals to exhibit their products and services, and independent entertainers and artist to showcase their skills and talents.

Guest registration and attendance is free.

I am interested in exhibiting my company at the expo.

What does this look like?

Find the perfect wedding planner, videographer, DJ, baker, caterer, entertainer, venue and more. 

I would like to be a sponsor or volunteer at this event.

See our in-person exhibition live stream.

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