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We aim to bring large-scale and cost effective live streaming with an experiential cinematic approach to couples planning their special day.

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As a new, small, Black business


finding our niche took some time. You may have watched our live streams of performing artists, participated in a virtual game event with family, friends, or colleagues.  You may have even engaged in a virtual workshop, all produced by JDHendustries.


If the last two years haven't taught us anything, it at least proved that live streaming is an added benefit when hosting in-person events.  For many, it is hard to conceptualize how a virtual event can be as engaging and robust as an in-person event. Well, we do just that, create seamless transformations to the way people across the globe attend and engage in events.


You may have attended our debut hybrid virtual wedding, The Union of Ashley & Jordan.  This event is a result of creativity, open minds, expertise, and a new way of thinking.  With that being said, our goal is to solidify a vibrant and defining presence within the wedding industry.  It is time we get into position with the launch of I do LIVE by JDHendustries at the Washington Bridal Expo and beyond.   

Because you believe in JDHendustries, we are asking for your support as we take the necessary steps  to become a formidable brand in the industry.  Watch our video highlights below and consider how you would like to contribute your support.   

Thank you.

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We want to know what your experience was like attending one of our virtual events.  Share your reflections in a recording.




The Union of Ashley & Jordan, free and on-demand.



On the I do LIVE by JDHEndustries website all we have to offer for your wedding experience.



Give us a Google Review to let others know your experience was attending one of our virtual events.


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